Greek myths and music in Casa Munganga

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  • van:  9 juni 2019 11:00
  • tot:  9 juni 2019 12:00
Greek myths and music in Casa Munganga

Bij Casa Munganga Amsterdam kun je vandaag in Casa Kinderen genieten van Greek myths & music door Irene & Thomas.

Over de voorstelling Greek myths and music door Irene & Thomas

This morning we will play, sing and dance in Greek rhythms! We will learn about Greek myths using our body and music! Get ready to explore ancient and modern Greece playing with words, objects, instruments and sounds!

Irene and Thomas are both Greek musicians. Irene is a storyteller and violinist specialized in Greek folk music.

Irene studied music at the Music High school of Pallini and the Athens Conservatoire. As a storyteller she has been trained at the MYTHOS Storytelling School in Athens and the Mezrab Storytelling School in Amsterdam.
Thomas is a photographer and guitarist currently studying at the Conservatory of Amsterdam. Together they have performed in various storytelling/music projects for children and participated in the 15th Folktales Festival in Kea, Greece.

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