Little Star Fitness in Amsterdam - daar kunnen kinderen op een superleuke manier aan sport, circus en dans doen. Op verschillende locaties in de stad!

Wat is Little Star Fitness?

Fun, innovative, sport, circus and dance programs, birthday party and holiday camps specifically designed for children between the ages of 2-12.  

Their main focus is to improve children’s gross and fine motor skills, co-ordination, and rhythm whilst building the children’s self-confidence in a fun and non-competitive environment.  Children who participate in Little Star Fitness sessions will further develop their love for physical activity, dance and sport, assist with living a healthy lifestyle, decrease childhood obesity and increase confidence in all aspects of their life.  

In English - maar ook in andere talen

All classes and birthday parties are delivered in English; however, they do have coaches available that speak a variety of languages.

Wat leren de kinderen tijdens de lessen?

Skills taught and learnt during sessions

  • Teamwork
  • Setting and achieving goals
  • Dance expression
  • Listening/concentration
  • Following instruction
  • Music rhythm
  • Technical ball skills
  • Communication
  • Hand-eye and Foot-eye coordination
  • A lot of fun

Verschillende lessen op verschillende locaties

  • Mini Sport classes (age 2-4)
  • Kinder Sport classes (age 4-6)
  • Mini Dance classes (age 2-4)
  • Kinder Dance classes (age 4-6)
  • Kinder Circus Classes (age 4-6)
  • Allstar Circus Classes (age 6-12)
  • Allstar Aerial Silks Classes (age 6-12)

The lessons are at various locations - check the site to see which lessons can be followed at which location!

Meedoen bij Little Star Fitness

They have 10-12 week terms, registration for classes are on the website.  Full term and half term options are available and trial classes are also possible.  Contact them at or 0611076992.